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31 May, 2007


Well, I didn't manage to keep up with the photos. I found myself scrabbling around for ideas for self-portraits, and just didn't have enough of them to stay interested. I may sit down and plan something more elaborate and guiding and make the attempt in 2008. Or I may not.

Also, in a rash attempt at kickstarting my writing for the nth time, I attempted to write another 50,000 words in May. This too fell by the wayside, as I couldn't really fathom out a plot that connected the odd scraps of character and event that I initially came up with. That said, such scribbling holds interest. The stuff that I did write has the feel of an artist's sketchbook, and there is meat in there worth salvaging.

And lo my blog too goes unloved and uncared for. I must try harder!

Last night I met up with James from off of my old writing circle in Canterbury Waterstone's. He's doing rather well for himself, and is as encouraging as ever, which is probably why I am typing right now. We talked muchly about works in progress and the like (though mine are in the 'but can I be arsed' category and his are 'I got a call from the producer' flavoured, hem-hem) and from the back of that I've decided to do what I was supposed to do to Bad Aji, my NaNoWriMo, which is to work it up into something better, stronger, and all together more bionic.

As Daniel said to me only the other day, I clearly need a project.

Oh, and this thread what I started on the QI forum is joyfully distracting.

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